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I have not been actively blogging for some time, but the push to keep writing has been growing stronger.  The problem I’ve been struggling with is that I no longer know how to explain the way I see and understand our world without integrating everything I have learned.  Originally, I split up the things I wrote about between three different blog pages.  I did this so I wouldn’t bore, offend or alienate readers who might be interested in one area of my blogging, but not in the others.  For better or worse, I can no longer separate the different aspects of how I see the world.  To me, everything is part of a single, coherent whole, and this is how I must start addressing the things about which I write.


Because of the way my worldview has changed, this page is going to be allowed to go ‘dead.’  I will leave it up, but I will not renew the domain name.  This means that — eventually — the URL will go away and this page will become a WordPress blog page.  I do not know how that will affect your ability to refer to it after the URL expires, but I will keep the page for as long as WordPress allows it and I still have breath in my body.


If you wish to continue following what I write, from now on, you will need to follow me on my new blog page.  You can find it here:


I hope I’ll see you there, but, if I don’t, I understand.  I’ll simply leave you with my thanks for being with me for however long you have followed me, and with my sincerest wishes for good health and good fortune in the future.  Stay safe.


ATG on Talk Radio

For those who might be interested:

I am fortunate enough that, for whatever reason, people find value in what I have to say.  A couple weeks ago, this lead to my receiving an invitation to be a guest on a regional talk radio program, The Morning Drive with Steve NicholsMy first appearance can be found here (please fast forward to the 15:09 mark as the FB audio was off until that point).  I am posting this today to let those who may be interested know that I will be on Mr. Nichols’ show again tomorrow morning, August 2, 2019.  The show will air live on Face Book from 6 – 9 AM EST.  If you cannot watch the show live, Mr. Nichols posts the re-play on his program’s FB page so that you can go back and watch it at your convenience.

Unless I mess up or bomb, I have a standing invitation to be on Mr. Nichols’ show the first Friday of every month.  So, until that changes, you will be able to hear me live or on video re-play — if you are interested, that is.

The Future of This Blog

This is one of three blogs that I maintain.  I maintain three blogs for the benefit of my readers.  Each blog focuses on a different subject.  This blog is where I take my understanding of the principles from my first two blogs and apply them to matters of culture, politics and current events.  Essentially, you can think of ‘As Through Glass‘ as a political blog written from a Scriptural perspective.  My first blog page, ‘The OYL,’ focuses on how I understand and try to live according to Scriptural teaching.  My second blog, ‘The Road to Concord,‘ focuses on the principles of Liberty, as understood from the Scriptural position of Natural Law.  In the past, I have refrained from connecting these three blogs.  I am ashamed to admit that this was done mostly out of fear.  From this point forward, however, I will not allow fear to muzzle me.  I will interconnect the different areas of larger issues by linking to any of my other blogs whenever I feel lead to do so.  As best I can understand it, the task I have been given is to just explain how I see and understand the Scriptures; what I have learned about the things that have been and are happening in the world around us; and how I see the ways they are all connected. If you find that anything I ever write helps you better understand the Scriptures or the world in which we live, I would humbly ask that you share those messages with others.  I will not be advertising or promoting any of my blogs in any way.  Again, as best as I can understand it, I have been told to leave the spread of my blogging efforts strictly up to those who read it.   I am not to help in any way.  Therefore, that is exactly what I am going to do: I will write, as much and as clearly as I can, then leave it to God — working through you — to put whichever of my messages need to be read before whomever needs to read them.  In this way, whatever good my blogs may achieve, it will be entirely by the hand of the Lord.  At least, this is my most sincere desire and prayer.

To Those Still Following This Blog

If you still follow this blog, you may have noticed that I have not been active for some time now.  There are several reasons for this.  One of them was hurricane Michael.  It damaged our home and severely damaged our community last October, and, as of yet, nothing in our lives around here has returned to anything resembling normal.  I also allowed myself to become distracted by Face Book.  I thought I could do better by reaching more people on that medium rather than with my blogging.  I was wrong.  But the real reason I stopped blogging is even more difficult to explain;  mostly because I do not know how to explain it without sounding arrogant, self-centered or conceited.  Still, if you are still out there, I owe it to you to try to explain.

I started blogging close to fifteen years ago.  At that time, I thought I had something to say that others simply had to hear.  I was wrong  I was doing it because I liked the sound of my own voice, the attention it got me and the conflict it generated.  In short, when I started blogging, I was part of the problem.  Along the way, I started trying to actually live my faith.  Looking back, I can see that, the better I got at walking according to Scripture, the more I drew back from expressing my thoughts and opinions.  Until, now, I not only do not think I have anything of any great value to share, I have no desire to share it.  Where blogging was once great fun to me, now, I count it nothing but drudgery.  I simply do not want to do it — not anymore.

This brings me to the reason for this post.  I have recently realized that I must stop with Face Book.  In fact, I must pull back from a great many of the things most of us have come to consider as just being a normal part of our daily lives.  Now, this is the part where I do not know how to explain what comes next without giving my readers the wrong impression — but I’ll try.  I must draw back from these things because they are poison.  At the same time, I must try to warn those who will listen.  The only way I can warn anyone and have any certainty that I have some degree of control over maintaining my message is to go back to blogging.  I own the domains — at least for the time being.  This means, the information I post remains under my control — again, for the time being.  This is quickly going to become absolutely crucial to anyone who seeks to learn or preserve the Truth.  I see a great evil coming.  In fact, I fear it is already upon us.  And I am compelled to explain what I have been shown to anyone with ears to hear.

This is why I am not only going to return to all three of my blogs, but I am going to be more active and write with much more purpose than I ever have.  But I am not doing so because I want to do so.  In fact, I want to avoid this more than ever, because — if I am correct about what is coming — my blogging may well seal my fate, and that of the ones I love most. No, I am going to return to my blogs because it is what I know I am supposed to be doing and because, more than anything, I wish to be obedient to He Who matters most.  At the same time, I wish my readers to know that I am no prophet, nor do I claim to be.  I have been given no special revelation.  In fact, I have no special gifts of any kind.  I am just a person who said, “Here I am, send me,” and He — in His great wisdom — sent me.  Now, I only pray I do not fail Him, or any of you who may read my words.  This will be my prayer from this point forward: this, and that my words will somehow help whomever they are meant to find.

[NOTE: In the next few days, I will write a post explaining my plans for all three of my blogs.  Please stay tuned.  I won’t be long in putting up my next post.]