ATG on Talk Radio

For those who might be interested:

I am fortunate enough that, for whatever reason, people find value in what I have to say.  A couple weeks ago, this lead to my receiving an invitation to be a guest on a regional talk radio program, The Morning Drive with Steve NicholsMy first appearance can be found here (please fast forward to the 15:09 mark as the FB audio was off until that point).  I am posting this today to let those who may be interested know that I will be on Mr. Nichols’ show again tomorrow morning, August 2, 2019.  The show will air live on Face Book from 6 – 9 AM EST.  If you cannot watch the show live, Mr. Nichols posts the re-play on his program’s FB page so that you can go back and watch it at your convenience.

Unless I mess up or bomb, I have a standing invitation to be on Mr. Nichols’ show the first Friday of every month.  So, until that changes, you will be able to hear me live or on video re-play — if you are interested, that is.

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