Beware of People Trying to ‘Speak Things into Existence”

Just because we do not see something, that does not mean it does not exist. We cannot see the wind, but we know it exists because we can still sense it.  This applies to other things, as well.  It’s just that, sometimes, a thing is not so readily apparent as the wind so we have to train ourselves to look for it.  However, once we learn to look for it, we may find that we see it all around us.  This is how it is with many spiritual matters.  The ancients saw them everywhere in their daily lives, but today, we have gone blind to them.  The danger here is, while we may not care about the things of the spiritual world, this does not mean the spiritual world does not care about us.  This is why those of us who profess to believe in the Scriptures should try to learn to see the world through the eyes of the ancient Hebrews, so that we can start to see the world as they saw it, not as we have been trained to see it.  When we do this, we may find that we have been missing a great many things that are vitally important to not only understanding the Scriptures, but also to living them in our daily lives.

If you study the Ancient Near East (ANE) culture, one of those important spiritual matters you will discover is that the people of the ANE connected ability to ‘speak things into existence’ to the idea of deity.  In other words, if you could speak things into being, that was an indication that you were a god.  Well, our times and culture may have changed, but this belief has not. There are people all around us trying to ‘speak’ their own reality into existence.  And, yes, whether they realize it or not, these people are making a claim to be a god — because only the One True God can speak things into being.

So, what do I mean by ‘speaking things into existence?’  Well, the easiest place to find this is in the world of politics.  If we look there, we will find many examples.  The claim that there are more than two sexes is such an example.  There are only two sexes: male and female.  Yet, there are people who think they can create, alter or interchange this reality simply by stating they ‘identify as’ whatever ‘sex’ they define.  This is not only an attempt to speak a new reality into existence, but it is also an absurdity. (NOTE: I do not say ‘gender’ because, while the word is used to replace sex, it was not originally understood to mean sex.  The way we are using it today is a perversion of its original meaning).

Socialist economics is another example.  The idea that the government can take from producers and give to consumers in perpetuity is an attempt to speak a new reality into existence.  Just because the idea can be created, and even sounds good, this does not mean it can work — and therefore exist — in reality.  In this case, it cannot, because it violates God’s Natural Laws.  In this case, it violates the laws governing energy and entropy.  One cannot keep spending without producing.  This is just a simple fact of Natural law.  And, under Socialism, the spenders quickly out pace the producers until, sooner or later, the system collapses.  It collapses because, though it may have appeared to exist in reality, it didn’t because it can’t.  This universe simply does not work in a way that will allow something like Socialism to exist.

The simple fact of the matter here is that our society is filled with people who think they can speak (or ‘will’) a change to this world.  If we look closely and honestly enough, we may even find we do this, ourselves.  This is the essence of ‘The Man of Lawlessness‘ Paul spoke of in 2 Thessalonians 2.  As believers, we should train ourselves to watch for people who are trying to speak or will changes to God’s Created Order.  They are literally claiming to be above God.  Not only does this speak to their heart, but it speaks volumes to whatever notion or idea they are trying to speak into existence.  Believers would be wise to be very cautious in dealing with such people and more so with the ideas/changes they are trying to create.

I’ll leave you with a more timely example ripped from our daily headlines:

The attempt to do away with or erased national borders is a declaration of being a god.  So is a push for one-world government.  The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob created the nations at Babel.  Any attempt to undo this is an attempt to override God’s Will, and only a greater god can do this.  Since there is no greater god than the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, then this is an example of ‘The Man of Lawlessness.’  It is an attempt to speak a new reality into existence: a reality that openly defies the Will of the One True Living God.

Therefore, my brothers and sisters, learn to look for those who are trying to speak things into existence.  Whether they realize it or not, they are claiming to be a god, and the spiritual world knows it.


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