A Scriptural Perspective of Trump’s July 14, 2019 ‘Go Back Home’ Tweet

So, President Trump is said to have Tweeted a ‘Racist‘ comment about four Democrat Congresswomen.  Well, I am not going to address that issue.  If the ‘Racism’ aspect of this issue interests you, I wrote about this from a more ‘secular’ perspective on The Road to Concord.  If you are interested, you can find that post here.  WHat I want to address about this issue on ‘As Through Glass’ is the Scriptural warning hidden within the story — a warning no one seems to be seeing.

Now, before I go any further, let me say that I am depending upon the reader to have actually read and studied Scripture (if the reader has not done so, honestly, this may not be the blog for you).  Assuming the reader knows Scripture, then the reader should know that God is not lawless, and neither are those who seek to align themselves with Him and His Laws and Ordinances.  If we can agree that lawlessness is a characteristic of those who are in rebellion, or even in a state of open war against God, then the rest of this post will be easier to understand, though it may still be difficult for many to accept.

So, what ‘Scriptural Warning’ do I see in the story about Trump’s supposedly ‘Racist’ Tweet telling four Congresswomen to ‘Go Back Home?’  That’s simple: I see lawlessness — but I see it on ‘the other side!’

Please hear me now.  I want to state this clearly and forcefully:

I do not support the tone of Trump’s words.  They were rude.  But they were not wrong, and I reject anyone who tries to argue they were!  I reject them, not because I am a ‘hater,’ but because I try follow Truth, and the Truth is, Trump was correct about his main point: that these four Congresswomen are a force of destruction.

Trump is correct: these four Congresswomen are a force of destruction.  They do not seek peace.  They do not unite.  They do not lift up or edify.  They do not even follow the law.  Instead, they seek to tear down, divide and destroy, and they are totally lawless in their approach.  According to Scripture, all of this is the mark of Satan and Satan’s followers — not of God and His children.

Now, dear reader, if you think that all of this sounds like hate and not love, I would remind you that God commands us to have an agape love for others.  Agape is not always ‘nice’ or ‘fuzzy’ love.  It is what we call ‘tough love.’  Agape does not ignore or tolerate lawlessness, it seeks to correct it.  So, while I have serious doubts as to Trump’s belief in Christ, I can see that his words and actions are more lawful than lawless.  I see this because, though he is rude and crass, he seeks to follow and enforce our laws — which is what Scripture commands.  While, on the other side, I see the same rude and crass language, but I also see lawlessness, and God condemns that.

OK, where do I see lawlessness in this particular story?  Well, for one, in the language.  Trump’s Tweet simply was not Racist.  Therefore, by saying it is racist, those who make that accusation not only break the laws governing language, but they also falsely accuse an innocent man.  Both of these are violation of God’s Laws.  The first is a violation of God’s Natural Law, the second is a violation of His Revealed Law.  But both are lawlessness.

Then there is the fact that the Speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi, violated House rules by calling President Trump a racist.  When the Republicans objected and demanded her words be purged from the Congressional record, the Democrats agreed that she had broken House rules, but they refused to enforce them and remove her words from the record.  This is more lawlessness in defense of lawlessness.  Nowhere in Scripture does God command or condone lawlessness in the furtherance of His Kingdom — nowhere!  Scripture says God will take lawlessness and use it for the good of those who obey Him, but it never says lawlessness is obedience.  That is replacing good with evil, dark for light, and God’s Word says woe to those who do this.

Finally, I have a memory, and I can remember President Obama making comments about ‘white people’ that, had a white person said them about ‘black people’ not only would have been condemned as ‘Racist,’ they would have been ‘Racist.’  But the very same people who are now accusing President Trump of being a racist excused and defended President Obama.  The point here is that God does not allow for two sets of laws: one for you and one for your enemies.  God has one Law and it applies to everyone.  If the reader will remember, it was this very sort of hypocrisy that caused Christ to condemn Israel’s leaders as ‘children of Satan.’  So, how is it any different today?  If we see lawless people being hypocritical in an attempt to defend their lawlessness while destroying those who oppose them, how can they possibly be any different than the Pharisees?  And how could a believer possibly think that Christ would condone such behavior when He condemned the Pharisees for it?  Remember: God is the same today as yesterday, and He will be the same tomorrow!

So, while I understand that this is a politically charged issue in our society, if I look at this issue from a Scriptural perspective, I see wrong on both sides, but I only see a war against God’s Word and Law on one side — that of the American Left.  Now, please understand, I am not trying to make a political statement here.  I am not endorsing a political Party.  I have serious problems with both Parties, and those problems are driven by my growing understanding of the Lord’s Word.  No, all I am addressing here is the fact that this latest attack on President Trump is just more of a long stream of lawlessness, and that lawlessness is rebellion against God.

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