Christians Must Not Support Socialism!

I posted a lengthy essay on The Road to Concord about Socialism, “What Is Socialism?”  Now, I understand that there are many believers who think that Christians should stay out of politics.  While I disagree, that would be a discussion more suited for The OYL.  This post is intended more to help those believers who might fall for the lies of Socialism.  As such, this post is intended to be a clear warning: those who support Socialism are supporting a false god!

OK, why would I claim that Socialists are supporting a false god?  Well, it would really help if you read, “What Is Socialism,” but I’ll try to give you the short version.  That short version goes like this:

Under Socialism, the government is the head (where the will resides) and the collective is its body (that which executes the will).

Not only is this true, but it is crucial to understand what follows from this Truth.  Socialism claims to be a more moral system of governing society; a system where every individual is treated and cared for equally.  But this is a lie!  Think about it.  If the government is the head, and society is the body, then you and I are nothing more than cells.  Now, when was the last time you and I worried about what happened to a single cell in our body?  Never!  None of us have ever worried about such things, and neither do Socialists.  True, Socialists make grand promises, but so does Satan — and for the same reason: most people have to be tricked or deceived into worshiping a false god, and Socialism is a false god.  I’ll explain.

Under Socialism, the individual is irrelevant.  All that matters is the society.  Thus, the individual has no rights; only society has rights.  This is why, under Socialism, ‘justice’ is described in terms of ‘social justice.’  And, because the government is the head, it dictates to the body what is and is not ‘social justice.’  In short, the government decides what is right and what is wrong.  Put another way, under Socialism, the government decides what is and is not moral.

Now, I don’t know about you, but the last time I checked, only God — the One True Living God — can define morality.  Which means, if the government is claiming to have the authority to decide right from wrong, then the government is also claiming to be a god.  Therefore, if I give my support and allegiance to government; and I look to and depend on government for the very sustenance I need to survive, then I am worshiping a false god.  Dear friend, that is the Beast: the same beast described in Daniel and in the Book of Revelation.  Go read Daniel — carefully.  When Daniel asked him to explain, the angel told Daniel that the beats represent kingdoms and their associated kings/rulers.  Today, we call them governments, but they are still beasts, and they devour souls — just like beasts.

There are many more theological reasons for doing so, but this is the primary reason I am warning Christians against supporting Socialism: because, if you support Socialism, you are giving your allegiance to a false god!

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