A Spiritual Warning In The Game Of Thrones Finale

For several years (decades, actually), I have felt that we in America (and the West in general) have been regressing, sliding backward in human advancement.  The problem was, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t quite find a tangible way to explain what I was sensing — until today.  Have you ever heard about an HBO series called, “The Game of Thrones” (GOT).  Apparently, a great many people have followed and enjoyed this show for some eight years now, but the show has come to an end.  This was the show’s last season.  The finale recently aired, and many fans have expressed strong feelings of discontent over the way the show ended. Well, I was listening to The Steve Deace Show today, from The Blaze TV, and I was quite surprised when Steve went into a lengthy explanation of why he believes so many people  are unhappy with the show’s finale.  I was surprised because, having never seen a single episode, I still knew that what Steve was saying is true.  What’s more, Steve was able to use GOT to illustrate the same observation I have been trying to  explain for many years.  Here’s the connection in a nutshell.

In short, the way Steve Deace sees GOT, the series finale left people wanting because — in the end — there was no purpose to any of the previous eight years.  Apparently, there is no closure in the finale; it just eaves a long list of unanswered questions.  But Steve sees something else missing, something bigger; something that is buried far below the level of most peoples’ conscious awareness.  The GOT finale lacks a sense of redemption.  The series ends without any advancement.  In the end, the surviving characters end up essentially in the same place where the show began, only with new faces in the same old positions of authority, wrestling over the same old problems.  This causes discontent because, whether we are consciously aware of it or not, this ending means the entire show has been about nothing but senseless killing and the pursuit of licentious lusts; and that realization — whether conscious or subconscious — leaves the spiritual side in all of us wanting because we naturally yearn for that redemption.  We need it.  And when we see an ending like this to a story we have been vested in for so long, it stirs a spiritual fear within us.  That fear is the knowledge that we — humanity — is beyond hope.  Unless someone greater than ourselves steps in to save us, we are doomed to be what we have always been: lawless savages doomed for destruction.

Now I do not know him that well (yet), but — from what little I have heard — it would appear that Steve Deace and I both believe that we — humanity — is no longer ‘Progressing.’  We reached the pinnacle of human advancement long ago and have been sliding backward for decades.   Today, everything seems to have been turned upside-down. We call our dominant political movement ‘Progressivism,’ but it is actually a regressive ideology.  It rejects God, tramples on the individual, thrives on theft and destruction and worships death.  This isn’t progress, it is a return to Paganism.  According to Steve Deace, this is exactly what GOT represents: it i a reminder of the way things were before the rise of the Judeo/Christian faith, when the world was still controlled by Pagans. Therefore, when we see there was no hope for the characters in GOT, we realize there is no hope for us, either.  Well, if we continue down the  path we’re on now, there isn’t any.  Sadly, I fear we are not only going to continue down this path, we are going to start killing any of us who try to stop it.

There is a pattern in the GOT story line.  It is told in Scripture, and throughout all of recorded human history.  Paganism holds man in perpetual meaninglessness.  Only by accepting the Judeo/Christian faith has man managed to ‘advance’ (and even then, it was only because of the Holy Spirit working through those nations that had been won to The Lord).  Just as it can be seen in the history of Pagan nations, it can be seen in the history of those nations that were won to The Lord and then left Him.  Every time a nation that has been won to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob turns from Him, that nation starts down a bath of depravity and destruction.  You’d think, if man were capable of ‘evolving,’ we’d have learned from history.  Every time God restored Israel, Israel eventually turned its back on Him, chased after the Pagan ways of its neighbors, and was destroyed as a result.  If you look back over just the last few hundred years, we will see the pattern repeated, just as it played out with the Hebrews.  It destroyed Russia, Europe and — now — it is destroying America.  Apparently, Steve Deace sees this same pattern in the GOT story line.  Unfortunately, this suggests that he predictable result for America is an ending similar to that of GOT.  Unless we turn back to God, all we are going to do is end up with are new masters ruling over us as they try to ‘solve’ the same problems that they said they could fix if we gave them power: the same exact problems that have plagued humanity since time began.  In other words, we are going to end up just like the characters in GOT.

There is a Spiritual warning here: man cannot and will never be able to save himself.  Only Christ can do that, and then, only if we accept Him as our Lord and Master — which means obeying His commands.  In fact, if we look, and have eyes to see and ears to hear, we’ll find there have been many Spiritual warnings in recent years.  They are everywhere, and yet, too few are seeing them, and fewer still are trying to warn anyone about them.  I pray I will not be among the silent, and that is why I write.  I have no idea who I will reach with this blog, or whether I will do any good, but that is not my concern.  I just know I am supposed to share what I see and leave the rest to the Holy Spirit.  He will insure that my words reach whoever they need to reach.  I am confident of it.  So, all I need to do is be obedient and share what I see happening.  I just pray that you, dear reader, have the eyes and ears to see and hear whatever it may be that the Lord wishes you to get from my words.




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