A Spiritual Conspiracy

NOTE: this post is totally of my own doing and motivation.  It is a theme that I will continue to explain as time goes on, mostly because it has helped me a great deal and I wish to share it with others — just in case it might help others, as well.


I believe in conspiracy theory, but the theory in which I believe is probably nothing like those the average person thinks of when they hear the term.  No, I believe in the conspiracy theory described in the Scriptures.  Yes, you read that correctly: there is a grand conspiracy theory written in the Scriptures.  What’s more, it hasn’t been hidden.  The Lord laid it bare, for all the world to see and understand.  You have to have to learn to see through Spiritual before you will recognize it for what it is, but I assure you: once you see it, you will never be able to unsee it.  Once you see this Spiritual conspiracy, you will recognize it as the motivating force driving the whole of human history, and you will see the Spiritual hands in nearly everything that happens in our material world.  It’s true.  Once you see and understand this Spiritual conspiracy, you will see and understand everything that has, is and will ever happen all happens for a single, solitary purpose.  But, as I said, first you have to learn to see with Spiritual eyes.

For me, it started when I began to study prophecy.  Most believers have a fascination with prophecy, and I am no different.  However, unlike most believers, I did not study prophecy by reading books about what other men have to say about prophecy.  I studied what the Scriptures actually had to say about the subject.  As a result, I came away with a very different understanding of the Lord’s prophetic word.  In fact, my understanding is so different from what most people believe that, when they learn how I understand prophecy, they consider me a heretic.  But it is this understanding that not only helps me to see the Spiritual conspiracy unfolding all around us, but it also drove me to finally selling out for the Lord.  Therefore, I will start with how my study of prophecy changed how I see everything around me.

The first thing I discovered when I started to study what the Scriptures say about the future is that there is no such person called the Antichrist mentioned anywhere in Scripture.  It’s true.  Look it up and you will find that the word is only used four times, and every time, it is used to describe a spirit.  Then I discovered that the ‘king who is to come’ is not a man, but a spiritual being.  In fact, Daniel is told about several spiritual rulers.  There is a spiritual ruler over Persia, and one over Greece, and one who was yet to come.  Daniel was even told that there is a spiritual leader over Israel, the Arch-Angel, Michael.  Furthermore, where most believe it was just a mere angel who told all this to Daniel, I noticed that the description of this angel is an almost identical match to that of Jesus in the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ.  What if the angel who spoke to Daniel was a per-incarnate Jesus?  Well, for one thing, it makes these spiritual leaders rather powerful, especially since one of them delayed Christ coming to Daniel for some three weeks.

Then I discovered that Daniel seems to treat the future as two different time periods.  There is a period called the End Times.  It is in this period that all things will come to a head.  The world will turn against Israel, the Lord will return to defend Israel, and all things will be fulfilled.  In short, the End Times end in Judgment Day.  But there is a time between Daniel and the End Times.  Daniel is even told that the current epoch in which he lived would come to an end and the next, third epoch would begin after that.  This is found in Daniel’s seventy weeks.  Daniel knew that the first epoch was that of the Patriarchs, and that he lived in the second epoch, that of the Law of Moses.  But what does the Lord call the third and final epoch?  Well, I cannot show you where Scripture says this, because it doesn’t, but I suspect the Lord actually has several names for this third period.  Many know it as, The Last Days, but I believe it is also known as the Tribulation and the Church Period.  But set all that aside for later.  Look now at Genesis and Revelation.

In Genesis, we are told that the Lord splits mankind into nations.  He then creates Israel as His inheritance.  He sets Israel apart.  It is to be a beacon to all the other nations.  It is to teach the other nations about God and about how man should live and worship.  But Israel does not do this.  Instead, it rebels.  So, the Northern Tribes are cast into the nations and the Southern Tribes are kept as a remnant.  But the Southern Tribes become just as corrupt until, in the fullness of time, Jesus is born into this world.  God gives His Son as a sacrifice, therefore fulfilling the law Law of Moses for all men who would accept this sacrifice on their behalf.  It is from this point that things start to really happen in the Spiritual battle.  It is after the Ascension that the rider on the white horse goes out to conquer.  Most believe that this rider is the fictitious Antichrist, but it is not.  It is Christ, Himself.  The bow is Judah, and Christ goes forth to conquer the nations.  What is happening here is the Kingdom of God has begun, and God has sent His Son and His Son’s Church to take back the nations by making disciples of them.  It is the start of a grand Spiritual War to reclaim that which was lost in Genesis.

So, who is this false prophet who causes the world to follow a false god?  Well, I’m not sure, but I do know that there has only been one man universally known as ‘the prophet,’ and that is Muhammad.  I also know that he caused nearly one third of men throughout the whole of time to worship a false god.  There are many other reasons to connect Muhammad and Islam to the last kingdom mentioned in Daniel, but that is also a subject for another time.  For now, the thing to understand is that we have an apostate religion (i.e. Islam) created by a false prophet which has lead to the spiritual death of roughly one third of humanity.

Then there is the burning mountain that falls at the fountain head and poisons the waters.  Wormwood, or death, is not a meteor, and the waters are not rivers or oceans.  Scripture is talking about something that is spiritually dead.  Whereas Islam is an apostate religion that worships a false god, it is still a religion.  It is still spiritual.  But all form of the thing we call ‘Socialism’ are ‘secular.’  In other words, they are spiritually dead.  The notion of government as our god is Spiritual death, and yet, this notion has consumed some third of all people since it appeared.  Again, another third of men lost.

Now, if you will consider all the things that this false Antichrist figure is said to do when he comes.  Suppose that these things do not apply to a single person, but to the spiritual being over this fourth kingdom.   In David’s time, a king and his kingdom were thought of as the same thing.  David is told that a beast is a kingdom/it’s king.  The fourth kingdom will be unlike any other. The kingdom of Christ is not a nation with borders, but a Spiritual nation.  Satan is a copy-cat, so he will try to create a nation without borders — just like at the Tower of Babel.   Islam is a spiritual nation, as is socialism/Communism.  Both promise the things that this Antichrist figure is aid to do.  They are both associated with war, the love of money, deception, etc.  So, what if this is what we have missed?

What if the pattern we were supposed to see in prophecy was meant to teach us to look for this Spiritual War?  And what if the forces of evil have been working to spoil God’s plan to bring the nations back to Him, as they were in the beginning?  It would be a Spiritual Conspiracy among the forces of evil and aligned against God.  But it would also explain everything we have always seen but could never quite explain.  Why do so many different figures seem to match the description of this false Antichrist figure?  Because there have been many people possessed of the spirit of Antichrist.  Why have so many nations been built upon war and violence?  Why have so many hated the Jews and Christians — even those who claimed Christ’s name?  Why do we so many of the ancient symbols of evil in our  modern society?  The bull on Wall Street; the Star Bucks logo; the signs of Canaanite paganism: all symbols of ancient evil still with us today.  We have flipped other ancient symbols of evil and made them into good.  The color, black, is now seen as cool even though it represents spiritual darkness.  There are many similar connections, but you have to learn them before you see them.  However, once you learn of them, you will see them everywhere.

So, how is that possible?  Men cannot stick to any plan for any length of time, and yet, today, we have a single plan that has been ongoing for nearly a century and a half.  It is a plan to force all humanity under a one-world government.  This is the thing we know as ‘socialism.’  Older than that is the religion of Islam.  Both have remained constant, as have their symbols.  They still war against God’s people — just as prophecy says they would.  It all points to a conspiracy, but it is not an earthly conspiracy.  It is a Spiritual Conspiracy and it is at war with the Lord and all those who fear Him.  When you start to look at history and human event from this point of view, you will start to see that it’s all true.  What’s more, when you let Scripture speak for and witness for itself, you will also discover that nothing I just described is in conflict with God’s Prophetic Word.

I would strongly suggest that you read these books.  Know your Scriptures first, and test everything in these books against your Scriptures (just like I did), but let these books guide you.  They will help you learn and understand the back story in which the Bible was written; the back story that the scribes and prophets took for granted that their audience already knew and understood.

The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible

Reversing Hermon: Enoch, the Watchers, and the Forgotten Mission of Jesus Christ

Hidden Beast 2

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