HISTORY: The REAL Reason Columbus Sailed West

So, we all know the story about Christopher Columbus sailing West, supposedly to find a new route to the East Indies.  But have you ever learned about why this was necessary?  Seriously, for centuries, the trade routes to the East Indies had gone overland, through what we think of today as Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Iran, and the rest of the ‘Stans.’  And that should be a hint as to why Columbus had to sail West.  You see, the part we were never told about the Columbus story is that these centuries-old trade routes had been closed by the Muslim Caliphate!  Yes, it is absolutely true!  Columbus was looking for a new route to the East Indies because Islam had shut down the traditional trade routes.

Learn about this and much more in Paul Fregosi’s book, “Jihad.”



One thought on “HISTORY: The REAL Reason Columbus Sailed West”

  1. I did not learn about the reason why Columbus sailed west and discovered America in school, but learned it a few years ago on my own. I was reading a book on health sciences and it was mentioned in the introduction that the Ottoman Turks (Muslims) blocked all the trade routes to the orient in 1453. This caused people in Europe much hardship, and also caused them to look for other ways to trade with the East. The Founders respected Christopher Columbus, and he was mentioned as a great person in Noah Webster’s dictionaries. Here’s something else about Columbus, he went to school until the 6th grade, but learned about ships on his own. By the age of 14 he knew how to use the most advanced scientific equipment available for sailing ships, and did all his discoveries with little formal schooling but used his great brain power, and gave all the credit to God.

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