POINTS TO PONDER: Ever Wonder Why We Seem To Be Going Off The Rails?

I posted this on The Road to Concord, but it could just as easily have been posted here on As Through Glass. I encourage you to give it a read.


Anyone with Spiritual eyes can take one look at the United States and tell that something is very, very wrong.  Everywhere we look, people seem to be losing their minds.  Insanity and lawlessness is everywhere.  We have people with XY chromosomes insisting they are female, and people with XX chromosomes insisting they are male, and some of both waiting to see how they ‘feel’ each morning to decide what they will be that day.  We ignore  Presidents who lie to us about things like high treason and deliberate subversion of our system of government, but we become obsessed over allegations of Presidential wrong-doing — even after a year-long investigation shows that the people who made the allegations were the ones who broke the law, not the President.  We have children on anti-psychotic drugs shooting up schools and law enforcement agencies ignoring family warnings that this would happen, but instead of…

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TOUGH TRUTHS: Why Are So Many Blind To Reason, And Why Can’t We Reach Them?

I had lunch with a friend of mine today: the same friend who recently convinced me to start blogging with more purpose.  My friend is concerned over the growing number of people in our society who simply do not understand or even recognize reason and critical thinking.  He had two simple questions for me, and … Continue reading TOUGH TRUTHS: Why Are So Many Blind To Reason, And Why Can’t We Reach Them?